Pet Portraits


A Pet Portrait by Raela K offers the opportunity to have a beautiful, bespoke,  portrait of your pet which will last a lifetime, and can be passed on as an heirloom.

If you would like a horse picture, a cat painting,a dog portrait, or any other piece of pet art,you can have a realistic and affordable painting of whatever you choose.

This would make a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings etc

Paper And Paints:

I use various combinations of paints, pastels, and coloured pencils depending on what effect I am looking for. As an example for this pet portrait of Mopsy (the dog in this picture ) I used Gouache, coloured pencil, soft pastels and oil pastels.

I always use professional quality paper and products for all my artwork


8×11″ (21x28cm) £80 face / £110 whole pet
14×11″ (36x28cm) £110 face / £140 whole pet
18×14″ (46×36 cm) £140 face / £170 whole pet

Custom sizes on request

Extra face £40 (some people like two or more dogs per pic)

How To Order A Pet Portrait:

Please choose from the drop down menu which option you prefer. Once you have completed that I require at least one clear photo of your beloved pet. A close up of the face is essential. If you send it by email then please set the resolution and send an image of 9″ on the largest side.
I will send a photo by email when I am part way through the pet portrait, and again on completion. Once you have agreed I will post as soon as possible.


You can choose any of the types of backgrounds you can see on my site. If you would prefer to choose another colour, or you have another idea for the background please let me know.

Postage And Packaging:

The picture comes complete with mount and backboard, but no frame. It is wrapped in a special wax paper to protect it, followed by layers of bubble wrap.

If you request further details on how to order a pet portrait, or have any questions please contact me via the “Contact” page.