Raela K animal art exhibitionThis is where many artists will write a list of galleries, competitions, exhibitions and other boring, unreadable info. Suffice to say I’ve done my fair share of all of the above, schlepping my artwork from craft fairs to art galleries. But my favourite way to sell is online, mainly because I can spend more time doing the work, and less time travelling from pillar to post.

I’ve been a professional artist since the 1980s and I’ve used most media, from oils to watercolour, and most supports, from silk to canvas.

I am a sectional artist as I work an area, then develop the next section, modifying and adjusting as I go. It’s a “fly by the seat of your pants kind of system” but for me it’s the most spontaneous way to create, and it allows for “happy accidents”.

So that’s it. I hope this tells you all you want to know, but at the end of the day it’s about whether you like my art or not. I hope you do, because next to making art, selling art is my next favourite thing.

I regularly update with new work so please keep checking this site.

Best wishes,
Raela K